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SOGSIM Food Fund Initiative 

MANDATE: The Food Fund Program provides members of the Society of Graduate Students in Music with financial aid during a period of financial hardship that prevents members from accessing food sources. This fund is available to all students, and is implemented by the Executive Members of the Society of Graduate Students in Music. Members of SOGSIM can apply for the fund once per academic term for an amount of $50, with the potential for a maximum of $150 per academic year. All applications will be reviewed anonymously.

Due to limited financial resources, not all applications are guaranteed funding. We encourage students to first seek financial aid through the PSAC Local 610 Union (if you are a TA), or SOGS (if you are a “year x” or non-TA member). Additionally, the London Food Bank ( offers student-only hours and resources. 

Please apply through the PDF Form and submit the completed form to the Chair of SOGSIM (Donna Janowski: (SOGSIM Food Fund Application)



1. Applicants need to fill out the PDF Form to the best of their ability. 
     a. Applications will be reviewed as soon as possible from the date of receipt to ensure a quick response to the applicant. Please allow for 5 business days for requests to be processed. 
2. Application Review:
     a. Applications are received by the Chair of SOGSIM.
     b. The Chair anonymizes the application.
          i. Names and emails are redacted and applications are assigned a number. 
     c. The application is forwarded to the Treasurer and Vice-Chair for review and processing.
3. If deemed successful, the Treasurer purchases a Gift Card ($25), and sends Gift Card to the Chair for distribution.


Similarly to the SOGSIM Initiative, PSAC Local 610 (TA/RA Union) also has resources available for students who find themselves in need.

Further information can be found here.  


The London Food Bank also offers aid to students. While serving the London community, The London Food Bank also offers Student-Only hours on Saturdays from 10:00am – 12:00pm. For further details, click here. 

Location and Contact:

London Food Bank
926 Leathorne Street
London, Ontario
N5Z 3M5

Phone: (519) 659-4045
Fax: (519) 680-1627

 SOGS Food Bank:

Non-TA Members

As of Summer 2017, the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) has established a non-TA Foodbank.

For more information, see below or the SOGS website. Click here to download the application. 

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