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Affiliate Memberships




The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS), the representative body of about 5000 graduate students across more than 60 departments at Western University. They represent a dedicated and diverse student body, and are committed to the well-being of our membership. The graduate students from the Faculty of Music have 4 representatives that sit on the governing council. They are the voice of the faculty at the monthly meetings. Should you have any questions, or would like to contribute to the discussion, please contact a representative. 

The Society is directed by the Executive members, should you have any concerns, feel free to direct questions to the appropriate member. The Society also has an extensive committee listing. These are listed here, and if you would like to get involved in any of these committees contact the chair of the committee. In addition to the various committees, there are several commissioners who strive to engage and interact with groups of the Western graduate community. They are your advocating voices on a number of issues and concerns, from Aboriginal and Indigenous members to Accessibility concerns to Pride, these individuals coordinate efforts with the university to improve the graduate student experience. 

Please visit the SOGS website for additional information on many other aspects of what they do, who they are, and how they can help you. 


PSAC 610 Logo.png

PSAC Local 610 is your Graduate Student TA Union. They are an invaluable resource for any questions, comments, concerns or other information you may require about your TA position here at Western. They have Chief Stewards and a representative body who discuss and decide varying aspects of duties, roles, and responsibilities of TAs. They advocate on our behalf for a variety of causes and also provide resources in addition to those covered to SOGS and your Faculty. They have financial resources, Extended Health Plan Benefits, and operate several committees. See here for more information. 

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